Peter specialises mainly in Indo-Persian arms dating from the 16th up to the early 19th century. As an arms and arts lover I take great joy in seeking the most beautiful, rare and commercial items coming from fairs, auctions, antique dealers and private collections. The items listed on this website are for sale unless specified otherwise. There are many more items that aren't listed. Some are still in transit, are being photographed, cleaned or simply involve more research. If you're out for something specific please do not hesitate to contact me. I try to describe all items as correctly as possible and take special care in extensively photographing each object. I'm always open to opinions / offers from collectors, enthusiasts and fellow dealers.

Persian Khula Khud
Early 19th Century
ref. pa0020
Indian katar
North India around 1800 or later
ref. id0019
Fine wootz Persian khanjar dagger
Qajar Period, around 1840
ref. pd0018
Two matching bichwa daggers
India, first quarter 19th century
ref. id0020
Indian matchlock toradar
early 19th Century
ref. it0016
Toradar matchlock musket
Jodhpur, late 18th to early 19th Century
ref. it0015
Tulwar sword
probably early 19th C
ref. is0014
Gold-Damascened Armour side plate
Iran late 17th to early 18th century
ref. pa0013
Toradar matchlock musket
early 19th Century
ref. it0012
Indo-Persian Bazu band
early to mid 17th century
ref. pb0011
North Indian shishpar mace
probably Gujarat late 18 century
ref. is0010
Chillanum dagger
Deccan 18th century
ref. id0009
Persian bazu band
Safavid 18th century
ref. pa0008
Caucasian powder flask
mid 17th to 18th century
ref. cp0007
Ottoman / Albanian jambiya
second half 19th century
ref. od0006
Ottoman Martini pistol
fourth quarter 19th century
ref. op0005
Persian Kard knife
around 1800
ref. pk0002
Char aina armour plate
mid 17th century or later
ref. ia0001
Persian kard
last quarter 18th century
ref. pk0003