Two new items arrived last week: An Ottoman spearhead with a gold decorated socket and an 19th C. Indian spear with a metal crafted bulbous tail.

Peter specialises mainly in Indo-Persian arms dating from the 16th up to the early 19th century. As an arms and arts lover I take great joy in seeking the most beautiful, rare and commercial items coming from fairs, auctions, antique dealers and private collections. The items listed on this website are for sale unless specified otherwise. There are many more items that aren't listed. Some are still in transit, are being photographed, cleaned or simply involve more research. If you're out for something specific please do not hesitate to contact me. I try to describe all items as correctly as possible and take special care in extensively photographing each object. I'm always open to opinions / offers from collectors, enthusiasts and fellow dealers.

Rajput spear
Deccan, early 19th century
A cigar case
Far East, second half 19th century
ref. cs0043
Kayamkulam sword
Malabar coast, 18th century
ref. is0042
A Pesh-Kabz dagger
India, 19th century
ref. pk0042
Madu parrying shield
19th century
ref. im0041
Tabarzin war axe
17 tot 18th century
ref. ia0040
Shahnameh Miniature
Iran, second half 16th century
ref. pm0037
A matchlock toradar
North India, early 19th Century
ref. it0036
Rajput khanda
19th century
ref. is0033
South Indian Katar
possibly 17th century
ref. ik0032
Persian kard knife
last quarter 18th century
ref. pk0003
Ottoman four-stage barrel
17th century
ref. om0031
Vijayanagar katar
South India, last quarter 16th century
ref. ik0030
Matchlock toradar
North India, late 18 to early 19th Century
A pair of vambraces
probably Sudan, second half 19thC
ref. sa0030
Uzbek kard
probably Bukhara, 19th century
ref. pk0028
Morocco, early to mid 19th century
ref. ma0027
Mughal katar
North India, around 1800
ref. id0022
Gold-Damascened Armour side plate
Iran late 17th to early 18th century
ref. pa0013
North Indian shishpar mace
probably Gujarat, around 1800
ref. is0010
Persian bazu band
Safavid 18th century
ref. pa0008
Char aina armour plate
mid 17th century or later
ref. ia0001