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kard dagger
indian wootz kard knife
kard knife with scabbard
comparison between two cards.
Indian kard knife
North India, first half 19th century
Indo-Persian arms
Ref. ik0053
€ 1950

Here we have a near mint condition North Indian kard knife with scabbard. The blade is made of high contrasting wootz steel of Persian origin aka black wootz. The ferrule and back strap are decorated with scroll motifs applied in thick gold layers. The scale grips are made of bone. The scabbard is original and well made but the chape is a later addition. This knife has been well preserved by its previous owners. To be dated first half of the 19th century. Overall length of the knife 30,5 cm. scabbard 28cm. (The bottom picture merely to compare the item with a Persian kard dagger.) Please see the pictures and read the description before ordering.

30,5cm (11.81inch )