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Tegha sword
Tegha sword
tegha blade
Tegha sword blacksmith mark
Tegha sword
Tegha sword disc pommel
swan feeding her cygnet
tegha tulwar hilt
Tulwar sword
probably early 19th C
Indo-Persian arms
Ref. is0014

An interesting tulwar sword with a curved widening (70 cm) blade and a false edge of 23 cm. The smooth spotted blade is maker marked at the ricasso and has aged beautifully. The steel tulwar hilt with traces of glued fabric wrapping (to allow better grip). The hand guard features a swan feeding her cygnet. The disc hilt is slightly tilted and adorned with a typical sunburst motive. A facetted pommel spike at the top. The cross guard V-shaped near the grip and sumptuous langets. This sword is still sharp and handles very well. Especially when wrapping the fore finger around the lower quillon. The widening blade has been sharpened many times and the balance and tilted disc pommel indicate that this sword was a real fighter. No scabbard.

82 cm (32.28inch )