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firangi sword
firangi sword
firangi basket hilt
firangi sword hilt
firangi hindi inscriptions
firangi sword
Nawab Shri Muhammad Manowar Khan Zorawar Khan Babi
Balasinor state, 19th century
Indo-Persian arms
Ref. is0051
€ 1850

A very nice 19th century firangi sword fitted with what looks like a cleaned 17th century straight two fullered blade. The basket hilt is decorated with flower motifs (notice the asymmetric designs at the forte) and chevrons using gold which seems to be applied in two different techniques. The Hindi inscriptions in the pommel read ‘Shri: nawab Zorawar Khansi Bahadur' Referring to Nawab Jorawar Khanji Bahadur Babi. A Nawab of the Balasinor state and a descendant from the Babi dynasty. A nice sword with provenance. Offered with no scabbard. Good condition overall.

110.5cm (43.5inch )