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wootz kard
wootz pattern
gold-inlaid kard
wootz damascus pattern
Persian kard knife
Persian kard knife
A Fine Persian Kard
Iran, late 18th to early 19th century
Indo-Persian arms
Ref. pk0027

A fine Persian kard knife with beautiful watered (damascus steel) blade and walrus ivory grip scales. The blade is single-edged with a flat and chiselled spine. Both blade and bolster have raised gold-inlaid flower decorations. The walrus grips are of good age color. One grip needs some tightening. Very good condition with minor pitting area on the blade and some rust stains on the bolster but nothing effecting the gold. Moderate restorations and conservation. Comes with a custom made scabbard. Hard to find these days. More pictures to follow soon.

- Mostagh Khorasani (2006:604, cat.238, 606, cat.242

36cm (14.17inch )