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Kard knife


Overall length
32 cm

bone, black wootz, steel, koftgari

late 18th to early 19th century

French art market

A very rare kard knife with a different design and material for each side of the blade. One side is of Persian design with a beautiful wootz pattern and a finely chiselled flower cartouche. The other side is done in Rajasthani style with no visible pattern to the blade (maybe emerges after re-etching) and a flower cartouche in koftgari work. This could well be a blacksmiths showpiece. The grips are made of bone with the grip strap decorated in koftgari work on a crosshatched surface. This example still has its cartouche shaped pommel. There is some fatigue to the Rajasthani side of the blade and moderate wear to gold decorations. Very good condition. The knife comes with a Rajasthani scabbard covered in green velvet.