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Pata sword SOLD

Overall length
121 cm

Blade length
90 cm forte included

steel, copper, brass


probably 18th century

1130 grams

18th century

The European straight, flexible and unmarked double-edged blade is rivetted at the forte to a pair of long palmetto-form langets with chevron motives which act as reinforcement plates extending from the gauntlet. The gauntlet is modeled by means of fine steel plates hammered in the form of a stylised tiger-head with raised eyes, eyebrows, nose and a faint moustache, the grip is formed as a straight cross-bar rivetted to the sides of the gauntlet, a further arched iron loop at the open end to hold the forearm in the gauntlet balanced against the weight of the blade. The forearm cover part was damaged and a decorative plaque of brass and copper was added as a repair to obscure the damage. This repair is a mid 19th century addition and smees to have been made from a European or sepoy shako hat regiment plate. Small puncture holes can be seen near the rim and nose that used to keep the inner padding (now absent) in place. Some of them still hold loops that could be used to attach pieces of iron that would produce sound when the pata was swung. Most of the tiger-head pata hilts are cast in brass and blacksmiths struggled to find elegant solutions for the transition between the brass hilt and the steel blade and langets. Condition is good with some minor corrosion holes to the eyebrows and moustache of the tiger's head. Indian pata swords are usually associated with the Maratha period. Overall length 121cm.


This item is gone. Be sure to check out the available collection.


This item is gone. Be sure to check out the available collection.