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Pesh Kabz

Overall length
40 cm / sheathed 41,5 cm

Blade length
28 cm

walrus, wootz steel, silver, wood, iron, velvet

489 grams sheathed, 400 grams unsheathed

Around 1800

Early 19th century

A curved blade double-edged over half its length towards the reinforced point and with medial ridge on both sides terminating at a gold-damascened panel behind the point, the spine of T- section near the base with trefoil-shaped finial damascened with koftgari gold foliage, the forte on each side damascened in gold with a shaped panel of foliage, a gold-damascened vase of flowers beyond, beaked iron hilt decorated in gold en suite with the forte and rounded marine-ivory grips. Scabbard covered with burgundy velvet, two copper fittings with embossed, silvered decoration. Condition is very good with over 90% of the gold uneffected. Small chip of the walrus handle skillfully restored.


Comparable examples in museums:

V&A Museum, London, South & South East Asia Collection, Accession numbers: 3425&A(IS) , 3432(IS), 3428:1&A(IS) 





  • Egerton, Wilbraham, An illustrated handbook of Indian arms; being a classified and descriptive catalogue of the arms exhibited at the India museum: with an introductory sketch of the military history of India, London, 1880p.130

  • Lord Egerton of Tatton, Indian and Oriental Armour, London, 1896, p. 130, Cat. No. 617


This item is gone. Be sure to check out the available collection.


This item is gone. Be sure to check out the available collection.